Unlock Promo Savings and Drive Your Dream at Motor City Chrysler

Unlock Promo Savings and Drive Your Dream at Motor City Chrysler

With today’s unpredictable economy and rising inflation, we all know how crucial it is to make smart financial choices—especially when it’s about a big decision like buying a new car. Here at Motor City Chrysler in Windsor, we’re not just any dealership; we’re your partners in making sure you get the best value for your money. Therefore, let’s help you drive away in your dream car without breaking the bank.

The Power of Promotions

So, you’re looking for a great deal? You’ve come to the right place! Our monthly promotions at Motor City Chrysler are all about making it easier and more affordable for you to own a new car. Whether you’re setting your sights on a rugged Jeep for your next adventure or a durable RAM truck for tough jobs, our Monthly Promos page has all the hottest deals to get you the luxury and performance you deserve, at prices that make sense.

Featured Models: Jeep, RAM, Chrysler, and Dodge

Think about what you need in a vehicle. Do you crave adventure? A Jeep might be perfect for you, built to take on any terrain. Need something robust for work? Our RAM trucks are built to deliver power and reliability. But let’s not forget the sophisticated Chrysler models and the sporty Dodge lineup, each offering distinct features and benefits to suit various lifestyles. Whatever your lifestyle demands, our New Inventory is stocked with the latest models from Jeep, RAM, Chrysler, and Dodge ready to meet your needs. Moreover, why don’t you take a look?

Explore Our Full Inventory

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, Motor City Chrysler has an extensive selection to fit your needs and preferences. Our used cars are as good as new, each backed by a peace of mind guarantee, ensuring quality and value. Why not visit us at 2300 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON, or explore our vehicles online? If you have any questions or need help navigating our inventory, just Contact Us, Call Us at 888-893-0058, or better yet, Visit Us and let our friendly sales experts help you in person.

Financing Solutions for Everyone

No matter your credit situation—good, bad, or none at all—we have financing options for everyone. Here in Windsor, we’re known as the top financing specialists. We’re here to find a solution that works for you, helping you secure your vehicle without stress. Interested in learning more? Swing by our Financing page.

Trade-In Opportunities

Thinking about an upgrade? Let’s make it happen. Our trade-in process is straightforward and designed to benefit you. Use our Value Your Trade tool to find out what your current vehicle is worth, and discover how you can save on your next purchase. It’s quick, easy, and could be more profitable than you think.

Building Community Ties

Here in Windsor, we’re all about community. At Motor City Chrysler, we take this to heart in every interaction. We’re not just here to sell cars; we’re here to build relationships. Whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth, we treat you like family, always ready to support you long after you’ve driven your new car home.

Ready to see what we’re all about? Come down to Motor City Chrysler and let us show you why our customers trust us to provide top-quality vehicles and service. Schedule a visit to our dealership at 2300 Tecumseh Road East, or explore our offerings online. Our team is excited to meet you and help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. You can reach us by Contacting Us, calling us at 888-893-0058, or dropping by to meet with our sales experts in person. Let us help you drive your dream car today!

Choosing the right dealership is vital, and at Motor City Chrysler, we bring together fantastic promotional offers, a comprehensive vehicle range, and personalized financing solutions—all to ensure you get the best value. Join us at our Windsor location, where we make your dream car a reality in a community that genuinely cares about you.

Driving Your Dreams Home—as Your Trusted Partner in Automotive Excellence.

Driving Forward: Why We, the MotorCity Owners, Believe in Car Financing Through Car Loans Windsor

Car financing with Car Loans Windsor:

In the heart of Windsor, there lies a community that thrives on unity, resilience, and progress. At MotorCity, we are not just a car dealership; we are a part of this Windsor fabric. When we conceived CAR LOANS WINDSOR, our new identity dedicated to car financing, it was with three pivotal reasons in mind.

1. Giving Back to the Windsor Community

We’ve always felt an intrinsic connection to Windsor. This city has been the lifeblood of our operations, the place where dreams are fostered, and hopes are turned into realities. As we’ve grown, so too has our sense of responsibility towards our beloved community.

Through CAR LOANS WINDSOR, we found a way to give back in a significant manner. When someone from Windsor walks into our dealership, they aren’t just another customer; they are family. It’s our way of saying, “We’ve got your back.” By offering car financing solutions tailored to our community’s unique needs, we’re ensuring that the Windsor spirit of moving forward, against all odds, never wanes.

2. A Helping Hand for Unexpected Financial Hurdles

Life is unpredictable. Many of our fellow Windsor residents face unexpected financial challenges that can impact their credit. It’s distressing to realize that unforeseen circumstances can bar someone from owning a car, a necessity for many in our sprawling community.

With CAR LOANS WINDSOR, we want to stand by those who face such challenges. We believe that bad credit, especially when caused by unforeseen financial issues, shouldn’t stop someone from owning a vehicle. Our car financing program aims to provide both new and used cars more easily than anywhere else. Everyone deserves a second chance, and we’re here to provide it.

3. Pushing The Machine: It’s in our DNA

MotorCity isn’t just any dealership; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and growth. Selling more and always pushing forward is part of who we are. It’s in our DNA.

By introducing CAR LOANS WINDSOR, we are pushing the boundaries of what a car dealership can offer. We’re not just selling cars; we’re creating opportunities. We’re ensuring that each individual who interacts with us feels the MotorCity difference – a blend of compassion, excellence, and an undying drive to do more.

Now, you may ask, why the emphasis on car financing?

For many, a car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s freedom. It’s the freedom to go to work, to drop kids at school, to visit loved ones, or to simply take a drive to clear one’s mind. Understanding the importance of this freedom, how could we not step in to ensure that it’s accessible to all, irrespective of their financial past?

By initiating a program that emphasizes car financing, especially through CAR LOANS WINDSOR, we are ensuring that every Windsor resident has an opportunity to access this freedom.

A Personal Touch with Every Phone Call

We know the apprehensions that come with seeking car financing, especially with credit challenges. It’s not just about the paperwork or the terms and conditions. It’s about the uncertainty, the questions, and sometimes the fear.

When you reach out to us at CAR LOANS WINDSOR, expect a conversation, not just a transaction. We urge our community members to give us a call, discuss their needs, and let us help. We are here not just to offer car financing but to listen, understand, and provide solutions that make sense.

At the heart of MotorCity, and now CAR LOANS WINDSOR, is a commitment – a commitment to our Windsor community, to those facing unexpected financial challenges, and to the very essence of what drives us forward each day. Car financing isn’t just a service; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope, and an embodiment of the trust and unity that makes Windsor special.

For us, every car we finance isn’t just a sale; it’s a story, a dream realized, a challenge overcome. And as we move forward, we invite every Windsor resident to be a part of our journey. Together, let’s drive towards a future filled with opportunities and the freedom that comes with it. Give us a call. Let’s make your car dreams a reality.

Five signs that it’s time to replace your tires

Five signs that it's time to replace your tires

Do you feel like your car isn’t driving quite as smoothly as it should? Are those rough roads causing more rattles than usual from underneath the hood? Replacing your tires may be the best way to improve your vehicle’s performance. Tire treads can wear out quickly and leave you at risk on wet or icy surfaces. Whether it’s for safety reasons or improved handling, understanding when to replace your tires is essential. Motor City Chrysler in Windsor is here to help! Read on for some key insights into five signs that can let you know it’s time to start shopping around for new tires.

Low Tire Tread – Danger Ahead! What To Look For

Your tires are the only connection your car has to the road, making their condition essential for your safety while driving. Low tire tread is a serious issue you should not ignore. The more worn the tires, the less effective they become at maintaining traction on the road, especially during wet or slippery conditions. This can result in longer stopping distances and a higher risk of losing control of your vehicle.  To check for low tire tread, you can take the penny test. Insert a penny upside down into the tire grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it is time to replace your tires. Don’t wait until danger is already ahead, take action now to keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road.

Threads are Visible – Is It Time To Replace Your Tires

Threads are visible on your tires? Then it’s time to feel the fear. As we drive, our tires face constant wear and tear, and eventually, they will need to be replaced. But when the threads are visible, it’s a clear indication that the tires have reached their limit and could pose a real danger on the road. The treads on tires are designed to grip the road and provide traction, but when they wear down, the ability to stop quickly and navigate through hazardous conditions becomes greatly compromised. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of others. If you see threads, it’s time to take action and replace your tires.

Vehicle Vibrates When Driving – Could It Be Your Tires ?

Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly felt your vehicle vibrating uncontrollably? It can be a frightening experience, especially if you do not know the cause of the issue. One possible culprit for this unsettling problem could be your tires. Tire vibrations can occur for a variety of reasons, from improper installation to uneven wear or damage. It is important to address these issues immediately as they can not only affect your safety while driving but also cause further damage to your vehicle. Don’t let fear keep you from being proactive about checking your tires and keeping yourself safe on the road.

Cracks & Dry rot On The Side Walls – Time To Get New Tires Now!

It’s a startling feeling when you hear that distinct thumping sound coming from your car. You know that sound means trouble. The culprit? Cracks and dry rot on the side walls of your tires. This isn’t something to take lightly, as it can lead to disastrous consequences. Your safety is at stake, and it’s time to take action. Don’t procrastinate, get new tires now before it’s too late. The fear of a possible blowout on the highway is not worth the risk. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making this important investment in your vehicle.

Handling Issues Caused by Worn Tires – When Should You Replace Them

Do you ever think about the condition of your tires while driving? Neglecting your tires can cause serious safety concerns. Worn out tires have a higher risk of getting punctured or even blowing out, which could lead to a severe accident. It can also cause your vehicle to lose traction, making it difficult to control when driving in wet or icy conditions. So when should you replace them? If you notice that the tire tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch, it’s high time to replace them. Don’t let fear take over, take action and replace worn tires to ensure that you and your passengers arrive at your destination safely.

Motor City Chrysler knows that there are plenty of signs that it’s time to replace your tires. From low tire treads, visible threads, and vehicle vibrations while driving, to cracks on the sidewalls and handling issues due to worn tires – these are all tell-tale signs that it’s time for new ones. Don’t get caught by surprise on the road, come see Joe Asta in our Parts Dept today for all your tire replacement needs! We guarantee satisfaction with a wide range of competitively priced brand-name quality tires. Trust Motor City Chrysler for expert service and advice about when it’s time for you to replace your tires — a decision we know is critical for safe driving.

Or give us a call 519-256-2688

Make the Most of Your Tax Return With a New Vehicle.

Make the Most of Your Tax Return With a New Vehicle.

Tax season is here and it’s time to put that refund towards something special. If you’re in the market for a new or used car, why not use your tax return as a down payment? Doing so can help lower your overall costs of car ownership and make the purchase of your next vehicle easier on your wallet. Here are some reasons to consider using your tax refund when shopping for a car at Motor City Chrysler Windsor.

Lower Your Monthly Payment and Save Money on Interest

Using your tax return as a down payment will help reduce the amount of money you need to finance, which in turn can lead to a lower monthly payment. Not only does this give you more flexibility month-to-month, but it can also save you money in the long run by reducing interest payments over time.

Avoid Purchasing a Bad Car

We all want our cars to last as long as possible, but sometimes life happens and we find ourselves stuck with an unreliable vehicle. Using your tax return to make a substantial down payment gives you more power when car shopping because you’ll be able to purchase a higher quality vehicle than you may have been able to before. With its robust lineup of vehicles, Motor City Chrysler Windsor has plenty of great options that fit within every budget!

Make Your Refund Go Further with Motor City Chrysler Windsor

At Motor City Chrysler Windsor, we understand how important it is to get the most out of every dollar spent—especially when it comes to buying an automobile. That’s why our credit specialists are here to help! We specialize in bankruptcy, divorce, proposals, and credit-challenged situations and are available for any questions or assistance throughout the process. If you already got your tax return back, then even better—you’re ahead of the game!

Tax season brings excitement and extra cash into our lives, so why not put that money towards something special? Using your tax refund as a down payment towards a new car can help lower costs and open up more options than ever before at Motor City Chrysler Windsor. With plenty of reliable vehicles at great prices and our credit specialists available to answer every question along the way, now is the perfect time to make that new car purchase with your 2022 tax refund!

Bankruptcy in your Past? A Car Loan May Still be Possible

Bankruptcy in your Past? A Car Loan May Still be Possible

Bankruptcy is often the direct result of divorce, job loss or illness. These unfortunate, and unavoidable life events can negatively impact your good credit by missing a few payments or needing to use more credit than you may have had to in the past, potentially racking up a higher debt ratio.

A Car Loan is one of the strongest forms of credit that can help you to improve and rebuild your credit rating. If you have had to file for bankruptcy for loan protection in the past, whether it’s due to any of these traumatic life events or not, we may be able to help you recover and repair your credit with a car loan.

When you have suffered from bad credit, establishing a new source of credit is important. Ironically, the only way you can start building your credit, is by obtaining new forms of credit. A car loan can help. One of the preferred methods of demonstrating good credit habits is with an approved car loan from a reputable lender.

If you still have active credit cards or loans, continue paying them on time. The same thing goes for accounts that aren’t reported to the credit bureaus. Paying existing credit payments on time and consistently gradually increases your good credit back up.

High outstanding debt can affect a credit score, keeping them low can improve your score. This can be applied to a car loan as well, ensuring your car loan fits with your current income and budget can help you rebuild your credit faster.

By having a mix of different credit products, such as a credit card, car loan and line of credit (just remember to keep the amount being borrowed to 35% or less), you will improve and rebuild your credit faster than by just one source of credit alone.

Call me to apply for your car loan after a bankruptcy today! #CarLoansWindsor 519-991-8006

Job Loss and Deferring your Car Loan

Job Loss and Deferring your Car Loan

Job Loss? How to Qualify for Loan Default

With proper planning, the loss of a job doesn’t mean you have to default on your car loan. Although you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, there may come a time where you require some relief after a short-term financial hardship. Your Lender is there to help you.

Here is how one can qualify for a loan deferment:


First things first, reach out to your Lender.  Don’t leave your Lender in the dark; tell them like it is, have open communication regarding your financial situation. Give your Lender an advancement in the notice, waiting until the last minute will not increase your chances of deferring your loan. Most importantly, don’t skip your payment, as this will result in affecting your credit score. Above all, don’t avoid the situation.

If your current vehicle payment isn’t working out for you, look into other options regarding your payments. Perhaps restructure your loan, look into special relief programs available from both federal and provincial. This can be reviewed with your lender.

Remember, your Lender is there to help you.

Qualifying for a car payment deferral:

You, as the lendee is exercising your option within your loan agreement to request a car loan deferment. The criteria for qualifying for a payment deferral can vary from Lender to Lender.

Depending on the Lender, if you have a history of making your payments on time, your Lender will most likely provide you with the temporary relief of a loan extension.

However, you may need to provide paperwork regarding evidence, i.e. a severance letter or an email from your boss proving that you are, in fact, in need of an extra hand.

Whereas some lenders don’t require any paperwork, all they need is a simple notice in advance regarding your next month’s car payment.

Keep in mind; a car payment deferral will only provide temporary relief of your financial situation as it does not postpone your payment.

A payment deferral may be just what you need, providing you with temporary relief after a short-term financial hardship until you can get back on your feet. Keep in mind; your Lender is there to help you. If you require a new car loan or are looking for a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle in the coming months Motor City Chrysler is here to help.

Rebuilding Your Credit with a Car Loan

Rebuilding Your Credit with a Car Loan

How Can A Car Loan Help Rebuild My Credit?

Life events happen to all of us. Late payments, job loss, and high debt ratios can all affect your credit and ability to qualify for new loans or a mortgage. If you need to rebuild your credit and potentially even want to work towards qualifying for a larger purchase like a home, a car loan can help.

Excellent steps for rebuilding credit include:

Keep making payments on time

If you still have active credit cards or loans, continue paying them on time. The same thing goes for accounts that aren’t reported to the credit bureaus.

Keep balances low

High outstanding debt can affect a credit score, keeping them low can improve your score.

Pay off debt

The most effective way to improve your credit is paying down credit card debt rather than moving it around from one card to the next.

Use a mix of credit

By having a mix of different credit products, such as a credit card, car loan and line of credit (just remember to keep the amount being borrowed to 35% or less).

A Car Loan is one of the strongest forms of credit that can help your credit rating

Once your larger debts are paid down and you can afford the costs of owning a vehicle, consider a car loan.

Establishing a new source of credit is important when you have suffered from bad credit. Ironically, the only way you can start building your credit, is by obtaining new forms of credit. An  automotive loan is one of the strongest forms of credit that can help you greatly improve your credit rating. One of the preferred methods of demonstrating good credit habits is with an approved auto loan from a reputable lender or financial institution. However, beware of lenders that make bold promises to increase your credit score or build your credit.

Got a question? Give our Credit Specialist a call at 519-991-8006


10 Money Mistakes to Avoid

10 Money Mistakes to Avoid

A sure way to prosperity is to save some of your disposable income over a long period of time, ultimately having a sizeable nest egg.

But along the way, there are mistakes that can derail the ultimate end goal.

1. Using credit for everyday purchases

Using your credit card for everyday purchases like gas or groceries can mean unnecessary interest fees if a balance is carried over time.

2. Not having enough insurance

Disability, car, home, life, and health insurance are all important to have as they help take care of big emergency expenses. Without them, you will have to pay out-of-pocket when emergencies happen.

3. Spending more than you earn

Just $25 per week spent on dining out costs you $1,300 per year, which could go toward an extra mortgage payment or a number of extra car payments. If you’re enduring financial hardship, avoiding this mistake really matters.

4. Not having a budget or tracking spending

Create a budget for monthly income and expenses and track spending. Tracking spending can help to reduce unnecessary frivolous spending.

5. Getting into a too-big mortgage

A home is the largest purchase you will ever make, be sure to work with a professional realtor and mortgage professional to ensure that your budget for the down payment and overall price point fits your monthly budget. Banks may offer large loans on homes, but do your own calculations and look at your monthly budget closely before closing on that giant mortgage.

6. Buying a car beyond your means

Everyone has a dream car, but do you really need that expensive one that stretches your monthly spending unrealistically? Don’t buy a car to impress others or to ‘keep up with the joneses’, buy one that fits within your monthly budget.

7. Never-ending payments — check-in on recurring monthly memberships or payments

Things like cable, or movie and streaming subscriptions, your mobile phone, music services or gym memberships can force you to pay on an ongoing term. When money is tight, or you just want to save more, creating a leaner lifestyle can go a long way to fattening your savings and cushioning yourself from financial hardship.

8. Not having a financial planner

A financial planner will help you take that money you are saving and make the most of it – providing advice and help along the way. When the markets are slow or volatile, they’re there to help you make decisions about whether or not to move your investments around or not. Just be sure to choose someone who is accredited in Canada to be a financial advisor. Look for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation behind their name, and research the firm they work for to make sure they’re reputable before placing any of your hard-earned savings in their hands.

9. Don’t forget about retirement

It’s great to focus and pay attention to your kids and saving for their education is important, however, retirement is also a big factor and you don’t want to put that off until later. Make sure you invest your money on your retirement as early as you can, as compound interest grows significantly the more time it has to earn.

10. Don’t blow it all on the wedding or first child

A one-time large expense like a Wedding can blow a budget or deter savings quickly. Plan a manageable budget that fits within your existing expenses for that big event and stick to it.

Spending too much on unnecessary products or services on the baby my blow not only the current spending plan but impact the time that either mom or dad is on maternity/paternity leave from work meaning less income is coming in already.

Avoiding these mistakes can lead to a healthy nest egg and personal wealth over the years.