Make the Most of Your Tax Return With a New Vehicle.

Make the Most of Your Tax Return With a New Vehicle.

Tax season is here and it’s time to put that refund towards something special. If you’re in the market for a new or used car, why not use your tax return as a down payment? Doing so can help lower your overall costs of car ownership and make the purchase of your next vehicle easier on your wallet. Here are some reasons to consider using your tax refund when shopping for a car at Motor City Chrysler Windsor.

Lower Your Monthly Payment and Save Money on Interest

Using your tax return as a down payment will help reduce the amount of money you need to finance, which in turn can lead to a lower monthly payment. Not only does this give you more flexibility month-to-month, but it can also save you money in the long run by reducing interest payments over time.

Avoid Purchasing a Bad Car

We all want our cars to last as long as possible, but sometimes life happens and we find ourselves stuck with an unreliable vehicle. Using your tax return to make a substantial down payment gives you more power when car shopping because you’ll be able to purchase a higher quality vehicle than you may have been able to before. With its robust lineup of vehicles, Motor City Chrysler Windsor has plenty of great options that fit within every budget!

Make Your Refund Go Further with Motor City Chrysler Windsor

At Motor City Chrysler Windsor, we understand how important it is to get the most out of every dollar spent—especially when it comes to buying an automobile. That’s why our Credit Specialist Jen Farough is here to help! Jen specializes in Bankruptcy, Divorce, Proposals & Credit Challenged situations and is available for any questions or assistance throughout the process. If you already got your tax return back, then even better—you’re ahead of the game!

Tax season brings excitement and extra cash into our lives, so why not put that money towards something special? Using your tax refund as a down payment towards a new car can help lower costs and open up more options than ever before at Motor City Chrysler Windsor. With plenty of reliable vehicles at great prices and Jen Farough here to answer every question along the way, now is the perfect time to make that new car purchase with your 2022 tax refund!

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